Credential Finder Widgets

Customize the Credential Finder search as a widget that you can embed on your website. Customizing the search, limits the search results to the credentials that you want your community to see and includes options for removing filters, setting other parameters, and changing colors to match your website.

Getting Started

Before being able to create a widget, you must be a registered user.
To register, follow this link.

After registering, you will be prompted to create an organization. When creating an organization, you must specify at a minimum that under the consuming data section, you select the following:

  • Customizing Credential Finder Widgets

After the organization is approved, you can return here to create a widget.

If you already have a verified account, Login here.

Example Widgets

Below are some example live widgets created by Credential Engine partners.

Indiana TransferIN

The State of Indiana has embedded a widget to search and compare certificate and degree programs in Indiana. The widget will be updates as additional types of credentials and information about them is published to the Credential Registry.
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Retail, Restaurant, and Hospitality Credential Search Tool

This widget was created for a Retail and Hospitality Credentials Initiative, a national effort to identify, capture, and publish credentials—from badges to certifications, licenses to degrees, and everything in between—in the retail, hospitality, and restaurant sectors. This search tool also includes a number of work readiness credentials and assessments relevant to frontline employees.
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