Healthcare Credential Transparency for COVID-19 Recovery: Getting Started

Increase Healthcare Credential Transparency for Workers Impacted by COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare the need for better, open data about credentials, the competencies and skills they convey, their quality and regulatory approvals, and how they successfully connect workers and students with employers and jobs. Yet our state, federal, and healthcare systems lack unified information describing different types of healthcare credentials and the skills they represent. Therefore we are appealing to everyone who offers, manages, reviews, or approves healthcare related credentials and competencies to make your information publicly available as linked open data. 

The work is already underway and your involvement is crucial. Over 300 colleges, universities, and other organizations are already taking advantage of open, no-cost tools offered by Credential Engine to publish thousands of credentials and hundreds of thousands of data points to the Registry, including about 2,500 healthcare credentials (see an example here).

To include your credentials and competencies, follow the steps on this page. 


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